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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time to break bad habits

it's been my habit to finish things crunch time. One month from now, deadline is nearing. So far, i'm about 60% done with the mods. 40% left for about 30 days, 10% per day. time to speed-up jose! hyper drive!!!

I've retained the original style of ZZ but I'm planning to omit the g- fortress features. I'll be removing the wings and flaps and will be adding more bulk. I've mod the waist to add more poses.

I've added more space between the backpack to accommodate the shoulders when turning. after that, will be adding more bulk on the lower portion of the backpack to fill-out the space.

Friday, September 17, 2010

PG Strike Freedom, are you going to be my first PG?

I've been thinking for a while, if I'm going to get a PG next year. After seeing PG Strike Freedom on Ngeekhiong's Blog, I'm very enticed. But not that of a fan, I'm hoping to find a good deal for a OO raiser. Having second thoughts also in aquiring a PS3 and a MadCatz Arcade Stick.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Double Zeta Project

This will be my Entry to the upcoming BAKUC/BAKWC competition on november. I'll be customizing a MG Double Zeta Gundam. This will be my first time to enter a big event so i'll try to give my best in this. The reason why i choose ZZ gundam is because of its backpack which has size and great to modify. addition to that is the size of the kit because of it's timeline (titans). the Downside is after complete modification of this kit, it may be not possible to transform it to G fortress. so before making any mods, i played with it for a while.. hehe.

After planning what to do with the kit, I've came up with a few modification plans (i'll think of more mods later, hehe).
1. Heavy mods on the backpack. I plan to beef up the whole thing.

2. Add waist articulation. The waist of this kit does not move, so i'll cook up a waist mod to add more dynamic poses. this is one of my common mistake i usually make. its good to keep in mind what is your target pose and how to achieve it.

3. New ZZ look. i plan to alter the look of the ZZ, but still be faithful to the original design, particularly with the shoulder binder. already did a trial mod. it turned out great luckily.

4. I'm planning to make a small dio for the stand. No Idea how to.. heheh hope to get help from Don.

Friday, September 3, 2010

1/8 Rei Ayanami Plugsuit

Before Starting on my entry for december, i have finished a kit as warm-up for a long build, a dio. The base of this kit is made of square glass pieces which add a little fizz to the kit. Had trouble using spray cans again because of lost of familiarity. I have SB the plugsuit terminals (the white hairclip on her head) and a piece of her hair of the right side, made from Epoxy Putty. more pics below. Enjoy!!