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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gundam Wars

I've been a member of forum for almost 2 years and I've lurked the forums for quite sometime. During my first months in the forum, I've red the issues pertaining to MatX, a person I barely know at that time. From my point of view, administrators of that uses the forum as a tool to vindicate, to them are violators of the forum, publicly humiliating them by putting by changing their avatars, clearly using the barbaric form of execution by displaying the head of the criminal. Not humane to me. Now, they are clearly using the forum and the organization for their personal issues, vindicating a friend, who created a parody to one of the members.

If creating a parody is such a crime, don't you think MAD magazine should be behind bars now? would president arroyo execute Ate Glow? No. Only Ferdinand Marcos did. This is a democratic country. Only Dicks do that! Never did I saw a trace of name dropping in one of his parodies. Now, they are judging and accusing him in their website, clearly getting his army to join him to destroy his image. Clearly a sign of marshal law.
I don't the get idea of using a 10 year old organization against 1 guy. If you see through this issue, you would agree that its just small one, so small that you don't need to gather your army. Can't stand up on your own? maybe you have no spine? Maybe you also have a plan like what Marcos did to Ninoy Aquino. Remember that being an Administrator does not mean you would control how your members think. Don't brainwash your members, this is not politics, its a hobby! Hobbies are meant to be fun and enjoyable. Another thing, Don't provoke your members!here's a screenshot:
"Who wants to be next?" You just accuse people you want to, manipulate the community, just like Marcos did. There was also a time that you used your members to attack my post in another website, accusing me that I copied the pose of a mecha that one of your members built. Wow! So that means that I have to ask permission from him for me to pose my mecha in that position? such a desperate move, you should think before you act. I have a feeling that you will be using this blog to ban me, well its not my lost. Besides, its MY BLOG! deal with it! I can express any issue I want, speak freely! This is not your blog! its MY BLOG! !@#!@$#!!$!%