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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another National Championship

Last Sunday, I tried again to qualify for the national championship at glorieta 5. I brought the Jund Build my friend recommended, having 27 lands, 3 bituminous blast and no dragons. here's my tournament report:

round 1: Vs Mythic Conscription

He mulled to six in our first match. at first i thought he was playing Next level bant so i just played thrinax, leech and bloodbraid elf. on game 2, i boarded in all of my removal spells and boarded out my thrinax and blightning. no creature lived on the opposite side of the board.


Round 2: Mythic Conscription again...

This time, i had the first blood of the day. it was a quick combo by turn 5 which i conceded fast to proceed to sideboard. after boarding, i made short work of her creatures while beating with bloodbraid elf.
game three end quickly as she mulled down to 5 cards and has only 2 land drops.


Round 3: still Mythic Conscription?

Well, nothing to tell here. It has the same result as my last round. the only difference is he played Baneslayer angel and I ripped a terminate on the top of the library in the nick of time. very close fight.


Round 4: RG Beats

On the first few turns, I thought i was playing with Jund mirror. But after seeing a birds of paradise, I had the wrong information. I was at twelve life when he suddenly hits me with overrun, dealing 13 damage( thanks to 2 life @ putrid leech ). after seeing vengevine, I boarded out 4 copies of blightning and replaced them with 4 duress. bad choice for me as later he revealed he boarded out his overruns and replaced them with goblin ruin blasters. As a cascaded a Duress again on my bloodbraid elf, i suffured my first lost of the day...


Round 5: RDW

My first bad match-up. My opponent's build is Devastating summons/ Goblin bushwacker. its a little bit inconsistent than the all haste build. I beat him miraculously in game one as he was overwhelmed by thrinax and bloodbraids.

+4 duress
+3 doomblade

-4 blightning
-2 sharkhan the mad
-1 siegegang commander

This game wasn't in my favor as my only creature was a lone putrid leech while on the other side of the board was a plated geopede and a kiln fiend. I conceded to a lock down of a manabarbs on 10 life... very critical life point on red. On the Deciding match. he mulled down to 5 which kept my hopes up as my openning hand was duress, lightning bolt, putrid leech, savage lands, verdant catacombs, forest, mountain. turn 3 i duress him to pick up a lightning bolt(drawing another duress on turn 2). it was an easy match as he lacks the number of cards to deal decent damage to me.


Round 6: Blue White control

my opponent on round 6 was joseph basilio, one of the veterans here in the philippine MTG community. I was a little bit worried on game 1 because of my past UW match ups which mostly loses. Lucky for me, He mulled to six cards and was on the play. Time to capitalize! I had an early drop of leech and thrinax which added pressure plus a well timed blightning hitselspeth which made quick work on him.

-4 lightning bolt
-4 sprouting thrinax
-2 terminate
-3 bituminous blast
+4 duress
+4 Goblin Ruin blaster
+3 doomblade
+2 malakir bloodwitch

Game 2, His openning 7 was good. after turn 3, he missed his 4th land drop which i capitalized playing aggressive bloodbraids and ruin blaster. I got lucky to cascade another ruin blaster which made quick work. whooo!!!


Round 7: Next Level Bant

Not the match-up you wanted when carrying a jund deck, vengevines gives you a lot of headache. I played an aggressive start with a leech and a thrinax, bashing through walls and pumping it. on my 5th turn, still I played blightning... guess what hits the graveyard... a pair of vengevine. Luckily, vengevine never saw the light of two creatures as I hit lethal damage after targeting two wall of omens with a maelstrom pulse. that was a close game!

-4 blightning
+2 doomblade
+2 jund charm

Game 2, as i remembered, was very very close match. We where trading combats with Rox War monk and putrid leech. I was at 1 life when i recovered with Dragon tokens thanks to sarkhan the mad. I almost cost the game when i made an error attacking my dragon tokens. luckily, i cascaded a removal on the bituminous blast, killing the war monk with a +3/+3 flying because of Elspeth.

Round 8: Mythic Conscription Still!!!!

this round, we both agreed to intentionally draw to guarantee a spot in the Top 8 play-offs. As we take a brake, Earl told me to revise my plan when facing a mythic conscription. here is the plan:
-4 putrid leech
-3 sprouting thrinax
+3 doomblade
+2 jund charm
+2 malakir bloodwitch

This makes almost all cascade spells have an instant removal card( except blightning which kills the spell from the hand ). I had two possible opponents,RDW or Mythic Conscription. RDW spells defeat, Win if mythic. Its all up to the results after round 8. here's the Top 8 line up.

My opponent in the top 8 is Mythic Conscription.

Game 1:

My opponent kept his opening 7 cards while i mulled to 6 cards. having only two lands in hand, a swamp, dragon skull summit, terminate, leech and a bolt, i kept my hand. I never drew another land card till my opponent killed me with the combo... despite of the lose, i was confident on my deck post sideboard match-up.

Game 2:

I kept my opening 7 cards while he mulled to 6 cards. my deck was running smoothly as I played removal cards constantly on every creature he controlled. Finally he ran out of creatures giving me the signal to cast my siegegangs and sarkhan the mad.

Game 3:

We both kept our opening 7 cards. my opening was 3 lands and all removal, from lightning bolt to maelstrom pulse. After killing all of his creatures including a baneslayer succumbing to a bituminous blast and a lightning bolt, malakir bloodwitch made short work of his life total. I'm back in the national Championship!!

here's my decklist:

Jose Marie Sabale
Winner - Jund
3 Forest
3 Mountain
3 Swamp
4 Savage Lands
4 Raging Ravine
4 Verdant Catacombs
2 Rootbound Crag
2 Dragonskull Summit
2 Lavaclaw Reaches
27 Lands Creatures:
4 Putrid Leech
4 Bloodbraid Elf
4 Sprouting Thrinax
3 Siege-Gang Commander
15 Creatures

Other Spells:
4 Blightning
4 Lightning Bolt
3 Bituminous Blast
3 Maelstrom Pulse
2 Terminate
2 Sarkhan the Mad
18 Other Spells

2 Malakir Bloodwitch
2 Jund Charm
3 Doom Blade
4 Goblin Ruinblaster
4 Duress
15 Sideboard Cards

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jund for national qualifiers

a few hours from now, again.. i will try to qualify for the national championships. after losing in the top on a Jund mirror match-up, I've learned my lesson. I'm going to try this build recommended by my friend.

4 putrid leech
4 blood braid elf
4 sprouting thrinax
4 blightning
4 lightning bolt
3 maelstorm pulse
3 bituminous blast
3 seigegang commander
2 sarkhan the mad
2 tearminate

4 Verdant Catacombs
4 Savage Lands
4 Raging Ravine
3 Rootbound Crag
2 Dragonskull Summit
1 Lavaclaw Reaches
4 Forest
2 Mountain
3 Swamp


2 Malakir Bloodwitch
4 Goblin Ruinblaster
4 duress
3 Doom Blade
2 Jund Charm

the original build of the deck has 2 rampant growth and 26 lands. after losing to jund mirror, we replaced the rampant growth with an addtional forest plus 2 bituminous blast, cut with the seigegang commander.

i tried this build last FNM tourney. here is my match-up report.

round 1: mono black control

after casting a putrid leech on turn two, he cast a wretched banquet, giving me a hint it was MBC. after a couple of blood braid elf and blightning, he lost to the thrinax tokens.

game 2 sideboards:

-4 lightning bolt
+4 duress

game 2 started with 1st turn duress, dropping mind sludge from a couple of removal spells and a planeswalker. turn 3 thrinax hits the board and dies to tendrils of agony. he casted the Ves then tutored for a card. hinting it was mind sludge. 5th turn I attacked the planeswalker, killing it, then passed a turn. he sludged me keeping my bituminous blast. He cast a gatekeeper, dealing bituminous to bloodbraid to thrinax. good game!

1 - 0

game 2

vampires: old bud RJ payad! nothing trilling here, after a few thrinax, it made short work of the undead.

game sideboard:

-2 sharkhan the mad
+2 jund charm

almost all of the vampire creatures dies to 2 damage except 3 kinds(bloodwitch, nighthawk and nocturnous). lucky for me, i didn't see any of these in game 2 as i made a SB error, not removing the blightning. after casting jund charm, killing all of his men, thrinax made short work of him. go thrinax!!

2 - 0

round 3

Naya Allies:

This round, my opponent is Jonee Tolentino and his Naya Allies. tough game 1 for me as I lost early to a perfect curve. damn so good in playing allies ( and i drew a blightning... errr...)

-4 blightning
-4 thrinax
-1 terminate

+4 ruinblaster
+3 doomblade
+2 malakir bloodwitch

game 2 was bad for him as he mulled once and every creature met a removal spell. blood braid and leech does their job! game 3 was even more bad for him as he mulled down to 5 cards. his 1st turn was zigurat and a hada free blade. turn 2 was another freeblade while for me was a leech. it hold the attack of the two creatures as he passed a turn without a land drop. turn 3 , i pulsed the freebalde a swung for 4 damage, 4th turn was bloodbraid and another leech. all was history.

3 - 0

round 4: Monowhite tokens

May last opponent was fox. his first few turns was sky fisher, wall of omens and a blademaster. for me, almost all of my creature got pathed, i was down to 6 life when I drew a blast which cascaded to bloodbraid and i pulse. lucky for me i recovered and won that game.

-4 thrinax
-3 blightning
+3 doomblade
+2 bloodwitch
+2 Jund charm

Turn 1 for him was a lynx. after that another lynx. after that... that was all. bad play for fox, he played an empty hand which jund takes advantage of. i noted that i should remove the remaining blightning for a least a ruinbalster for his emeria, sky ruin.

4 - 0

after the FNM, i hoped that i get to play againts jund mirror to hone my skills.the new build runs great as i'm not afraid to cascade into a rampant growth and having 3 bituminous blast comes handy when low on gas spells. Good luck to me later as I embark again a national qualifier to earn the crown back to the south. how i wish to be there in the championship and to be a member of the national team in japan. GO ACE PLAYER JUND!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WIP MG God gundam

One my favorite Gundam series, G Gundam is classic! anime fighting styles like dragon ball, the series defies the physics of the gundam universe.

the kit i bought is a 30th anniversary edition which comes with clear parts. the kitis composed of 11 sprues plus the extra clear part. it is fighting action frame which assembled with screws to support the posing of the kit.

the clear parts reminds me of my old special edition god gundam that i won from a contest back when i was in highschool. sweet!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gundam Girl Saber ToyCon 2010

this year, we will be celebrating DC comics' 75th at 9th Philippine toy convention held at SM Megatrade Hall, SM megamall. This year's event i decided to compete again on their annually customized mecha competition. Unfortunately, My entry was categorized in the customized action figure, which is not my specialty. well, there goes a month of hard work in the wrong place. better of next year and hope not repeat the same mistake again. charge it to experience.

here is my entry: Gundam Girl Saber