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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sagat by ProtoType Z studios part 1

Got a Commission work from a client in the USA, and i was excited to hear that its a prototype Z studios' Sagat. After waiting for more than a month( sea freight )for the item to get here, Finally i got a message that it is ready for pick-up. Surprise! It came with Ryu! my client asked to do both. After Buying paint to be used in this project, finally this commission is on the move.
on this project, I'll be trying a new batch of paint brands( vallejo and Gaia notes ) as my client asked to not be cheap in paint. as an additional payment for the work, my client sent me a portable air compressor ( Vogue air, primary used in airbursh make-up ). the compressor works like a charm as i can carry it around with its battery pack and not to worry about any power outlet.
Pegged the legs first and I've used strong earth magnets for Sagat to have easy assembly when the finished kit arives back to my client. Great part of this kit is that it comes with two different heads of Sagat, One with normal face and one with a more fierce expression.
I've attached magnets in the head for it to be interchangeable. after pegging, I've binded the figure as the putty and epoxy glue hardens as it is so heavy (more than 1 kilo).
After binding for 2 days, I can finally start to paint! yeah! Started to coat it with Vallejo primer to find flaws that needed fixing.
After drying the primer and fixing, painted it with flesh tone vallejo as a base color, there I will layer other flesh tone to create more depth to the color.