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Monday, April 29, 2013

Evangelion EVA-00 Proto Type Yellow Evangelion

created this last 2010 for a group build in a Malaysian Mecha forum. I've Installed an LED for the eye part and used the umbilical cable to connect it to a battery under the base. Used tamiya paint for the colors and Samuel decals for the caution markings. Other than the LED modifications, I've only modified the color scheme. This is one of my first kits that I've painted using a basic airbrush. Washed Panel lines using Tamiya Enamel paint and lighter fluid.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Rei Ayanami Plugsuit Bust

This is one of my first projects, Hand painted the face and used spray can paint for the plugsuit. Back then I was still using Valejo paints. Bought this in Hongkong together with Asuka( Plugsuit ). Resin Quality is fair (has some molding errors). overall, the kit still looks great after a decade.

Lacus Clyne - 1/6 - Dress ver. (Lazy toy)

Got this Figure for a very cheap price. Good quality for the materials used for this figure. High Quality resin, superb paint and seam-line masking. Although Lacus' chest is a bit exaggerated IMO. The only issue is she can't properly hold Haro (a bit lose), but still a great figure. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PG 1/60 Wing Gundam Zero T.V. Version WIP

Since I've built the MG Wing Gundam Zero T.V. version for a client, I'll be building one for my own colllection, but this time its a Perfect Grade. I'll be using a 1/60 HG Wing Gundam Zero T.V. Version and a PG wing Gundam Zero given to me by Toymaker .

I've collected Gundam kits since 1996, and almost completed the whole Gundam Wing model kit lineup. I've been an avid fan of XXXG-00W0 or Wing Zero and for my childhood dreams, I want to convert the 1/60 wing gundam zero with the frame of PG Wing Gundam zero EW.

By size comparison , there should be less problems fitting them to the PG frame.

Leg comparison, there should be no problem fitting them to the frame. 

Finished attaching the leg parts to the frame.
L-R( finished leg, HG leg, PG leg)

WIP 3 wing, MG Wing Gundam Zero T.V.

Snap fitted most of the wing parts, combining the MG back connector with the HG wing parts.

test fit, seems to high for the shoulders
After test fitting, I've decided to lower the backpack by using the one from the HG. I took the 
connector and cemented it to the HG one.

After building the connection, I've decided to increase the wing by adding pla plate tips to the end of the wing.

Finishing Fit.

The Client just wanted me to put the kit together as He's the one going to paint it. Definitely there more improvements to this kit bash, needs more detail. Next time, I will definitely keep HG legs and improve it so it can fully transform to bird mode. My friend from Singapore gave me a PG wing and that will be my next project. Maybe I'll skip the MG build for later.

WIP 2 torso, MG Wing Gundam Zero T.V.

Did the part separation based on the structure of the MG frame. I've divided the HG shell into three parts, separating the middle section from the side for the cockpit opening gimmick.

Created pegs to attach the middle section to a part of the MG torso to hold it in place. this makes painting easier and does not require a lot of masking.

Also attached the left and right portion of the torso to the MG shell. puttied the uneven parts.

Next, I've used the HG shoulder joint and fitted it to the MG arm. Combined both MG and HG shell for the arm part.

Created pegs for easy removal for painting

Added a few details to the waist part. I've used the original Shell of the HG for the waist. added a few MSG parts.

Next is the wing and backpack connection.