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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Prototype Z Sagat Complete

After months of juggling between work, plamo and family with my firstborn on the horizon, I've finally completed the Prototype Z Sagat that was commissioned to me months ago. I've painted it using Vallejo Air which is more manageable as it was ready to use in an airbrush, no more mixing! I've used Vallejo Wash for the base. Next is Prototype Z Ryu!

  Thanks for viewing!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sagat by ProtoType Z studios part 1

Got a Commission work from a client in the USA, and i was excited to hear that its a prototype Z studios' Sagat. After waiting for more than a month( sea freight )for the item to get here, Finally i got a message that it is ready for pick-up. Surprise! It came with Ryu! my client asked to do both. After Buying paint to be used in this project, finally this commission is on the move.
on this project, I'll be trying a new batch of paint brands( vallejo and Gaia notes ) as my client asked to not be cheap in paint. as an additional payment for the work, my client sent me a portable air compressor ( Vogue air, primary used in airbursh make-up ). the compressor works like a charm as i can carry it around with its battery pack and not to worry about any power outlet.
Pegged the legs first and I've used strong earth magnets for Sagat to have easy assembly when the finished kit arives back to my client. Great part of this kit is that it comes with two different heads of Sagat, One with normal face and one with a more fierce expression.
I've attached magnets in the head for it to be interchangeable. after pegging, I've binded the figure as the putty and epoxy glue hardens as it is so heavy (more than 1 kilo).
After binding for 2 days, I can finally start to paint! yeah! Started to coat it with Vallejo primer to find flaws that needed fixing.
After drying the primer and fixing, painted it with flesh tone vallejo as a base color, there I will layer other flesh tone to create more depth to the color.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1/100 Kshatriya unboxing

My friend Quincent Saiorus just received his 1/100 Kshatriya. This is one of the first videos that show unboxing of the long awaited kit from a non-bandai maker. Details of the parts are topnotch.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero Announced

According to Gundam ACE magazine, They announce an upcoming MG release, Wing Gundam Proto Zero.
Many modellers had their take on MG wing zero, but this wing zero is based on the new wing gundam MG line, not the T.V. neo bird mode version. This will be a great addition to my Wing gundam collection. MG Epyon will now have a match. After the release of the Blue ray rendition of the popular wing gundam series, maybe we'll have an HD remaster of it after gundam seed.

With the release of the Blue ray edition later this year, I think bandai is planning big for the Wing Gundam Series.


sevenst's Wing Zero, one of the best conversions yet.

Photo of magazine from Gundamguy.blogspot.com

Thursday, June 20, 2013

HobbyMate Loot

I've ordered a couple of supplies and tools for my on-going PG Wing Gundam Zero project on www.myhmshop.com  Edmund Teo handled my orders personally. Shipping is quite fast from singapore to the philippines. They come with a tracking number for your convenience  and security.

I've ordered the Tamiya Pro Plastic Modeling File (Flat 6mm width). I've always wanted to own these Pro Files since I saw them in a hobby magazine. My Tool Collecting is becoming an addiction as I want to complete the whole Pro File line-up.

 I've also bought 6 pairs of Ultra bright LED. Indeed the are really ULTRA bright, and also small. Application of these micro LED is endless in my line of hobby specially Gunpla. These LED are a bit hard to find locally. They come in red , green and white. You Can check them out here.

 I've bought also a cheap airbrush cleaning kit necessary for cleaning my airbrush after using it. Also bought small earth magnets. These Magnets can be used as connectors for gunpla as they are so Strong. They can be used for weapon attachment, no need for custom pegs, they stick and hold on very nicely.

Lastly, Got also a set of EXS metal thrusters. Found a couple of scratch marks, maybe due to package handling, these thrusters are worth it, as they are the largest metal thrusters i can bought in pairs. the come with photo etched detail parts. Overall, I'm happy completing my deal with www.myhmshop.com, fast and secure service, I will definitely order again soon.