Thursday, June 20, 2013

HobbyMate Loot

I've ordered a couple of supplies and tools for my on-going PG Wing Gundam Zero project on  Edmund Teo handled my orders personally. Shipping is quite fast from singapore to the philippines. They come with a tracking number for your convenience  and security.

I've ordered the Tamiya Pro Plastic Modeling File (Flat 6mm width). I've always wanted to own these Pro Files since I saw them in a hobby magazine. My Tool Collecting is becoming an addiction as I want to complete the whole Pro File line-up.

 I've also bought 6 pairs of Ultra bright LED. Indeed the are really ULTRA bright, and also small. Application of these micro LED is endless in my line of hobby specially Gunpla. These LED are a bit hard to find locally. They come in red , green and white. You Can check them out here.

 I've bought also a cheap airbrush cleaning kit necessary for cleaning my airbrush after using it. Also bought small earth magnets. These Magnets can be used as connectors for gunpla as they are so Strong. They can be used for weapon attachment, no need for custom pegs, they stick and hold on very nicely.

Lastly, Got also a set of EXS metal thrusters. Found a couple of scratch marks, maybe due to package handling, these thrusters are worth it, as they are the largest metal thrusters i can bought in pairs. the come with photo etched detail parts. Overall, I'm happy completing my deal with, fast and secure service, I will definitely order again soon.