Friday, May 24, 2013

Flashback, Gunpla Singapore tour

Shop?!?! Toymaker's  Living room

Halu-Halo: Singapore Version

I've been to singapore for 3 times, and the last one is the most memorable. For the first time, I have been toured by two of my friends, Kenny and YiHui, a.k.a. Toymaker and Waylander. We went out for lunch, Chicken Rice and dessert. After that, off to a Roadtrip.
Sick Devastor

Been Touring around Singapore finding Hobby loots to bring back home. We've been to HAG and HAW, two of headquarters of gunpla in Singapore. You can find almost everything you need in gunpla here. They sell everything from tools, option parts to every kit available in the market.
Works of the Greats

Can't fit it in panorama, the shop is so big

Waylander's Strike freedom

Toymaker's Ultra Magnus

I got the chance to see up close their works, superb detail and craftsmanship. Lucky Me, BAKWC Singapore is that week, We will be heading to the event site. Arriving on the event site, I'm overwhelmed on the support that Gunpla has in Singapore. Gunpla is indeed popular in singapore. Entries in Singapore BAKWC varies from small 1/144 to as large as Perfect grades, Most of them a Diorama, a must in BAKWC.

Gundam Seed Diorama

Action Diorama

Waylander's Entry:


Love the Panel Lines

Toymaker's Entry: Odin

Superb Detail

Odin Extra Fit

Fatal Frame?

Heavy Arm Banshee
 My Singapore trip is almost over. We'll be leaving that midnight, but I'll be back in Singapore. 
Waylander and Toymaker: Singapore Gunpla Tour